God's Little Lambs Bible Stories by Julie Stiegemeyer

God's Little Lambs Bible Stories
Julie Stiegemeyer
(Zonderkidz 2016) 

I don't often write reviews on children books or children Bible storybooks. Usually because those book are open to interpretation and artistic flair. Children's minds are not like adults so the stories would have to be severely scaled back for their understanding.

This book captured my attention with the illustrations and I chose to review it thinking it may make for a nice Christmas gift.

What did I think of God's Little Lambs Bible Stories? I found it interesting. I like how the major stories of the Bible: In the Beginning, Garden of Eden, Noah, Jericho, Joseph, David, and Jesus to name a few. The stories did host an abbreviated account of each, but still relayed the most important parts of that Biblical account.

The New Testament was different in its telling, making sure that the stories centered around Jesus and sparked an ember for a child to want to know more about Jesus. 

After each story, the little box that summed up the "moral of the story" is a sentence or two that helps the story relate to the child's life.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would. I find it more intriguing than any other Bible storybook. 

***I received this book from Zondervan via Booklook Bloggers in exchanged of an honest and complete review***  


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