The Journal by Beth Harlow

The time is June 1861. A journal is given to a young Rebel fighter and each entry over the next four years detail the lives of 8 men: Rebel and Yankee.

As the journal falls from one hand and into the next, each man will read what was written beforehand and add his own thoughts: about life, about the war, about love, and about God.

Each man is at a different stage in his life in his relationship with God. Some make the choice, a couple do not. And each finds that there are good men and bad men on both sides and each pray for the day the war will end.

The Journal chronicles these men's lives and will bring the reader even deeper into their own walk with God.

At times I found the writing to be heartbreaking and I could picture the horror of the young man trapped in the bombardment of Vicksburg and his relief that his company had surrendered. Finally food and rest, either in a prison camp or in heaven.

Through all the entries and all the worry, the ugliness of war and man's behaviour, and the desperate longing for home one theme reigns: hope. Each man had hope. Hope to see family, to see the end of war, to see his brother or child, or just to go home. And each learned that belief in Jesus Christ gave that hope.

An easy book to read in one afternoon, but a book to keep on your shelf to read time and time again. The author's research of the Civil War was complete and the description placed the reader in each scene. This is a book that will stay with you for a long, long time.

***I was given this book through BookCrash for a complete and honest review.***


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