Mail Order Surprise by Lucy Thompson

Mail Order Surprise
(Forget Me Not Romances 2016)

Western romances seem to be the rage in historical romances lately. There are so many and most seem to be cookie cutters of each other, but not so with Lucy Thompson's Mail Order Surprise. She exceeds a Mary Connealy book or a Colleen Coble novel with her wit and humor.

To me it was a fresh take on the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers theme. The surprises that cropped up in the story were unexpected and pleasant. 

At times I wondered why Lydia did the things she did, and it made sense once the ending was reached. "Ah, yeah, that makes sense now. I don't blame her one bit" was my reaction. 

Reading this novel was almost like watching not just the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but also a John Wayne flick like McClintock and others. The brothers interacted with each other in such a natural way. Lydia and the children seemed to be a natural extension of that family. The love that developed between Beau and Lydia was what was expected of an arranged marriage, but one that was orchestrated by God. 

Mail Order Surprise brought a real type of Western life, complete with tough gals and chivalrous cowboys and yet a touch of the gentile. The ending sets the reader up with a foreshadowing of another Lucy Thompson story and one that would be just as entertaining as this one.



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