Deadly Additive by Donn Taylor

(Harbourlight 2012)

It's all about action and momentum.
If you like Robert Ludlum or Ronie Kendig, then Donn Taylor has the book for you.

Although there are instances in the book that had the habit of explaining something that didn't really need it, those parts in no way detracted from the story. It would probably help those readers, especially younger readers, who may need just a little more explanation. The portions were handled very well without bogging down the storyline. 

When it comes to the characters, Jeb Sledge is the alpha male-don't-underestimate-how-he-looks type. He isn't your typical buffed up hero. He has the tendency to be the anti-hero at times, but that only enhances his hero personality. When the reader meets Raul Ramirez, you have to chuckle at the firm's name: Poirot, Espada, y Ramirez. Agatha Christie fans and readers of the Maltese Falcon will understand this phrase. Even the turn of cliches that the Ramirez characters spout, such as: "I am a sheep off the old black" or "taking the bull by the handlebars", add a little comedy to a fast paced action book.

Speaking of action, it may slow down, but just long enough to gain your breath, and then you are back into a fast pace reading again. 

The title really fitting the story is an added bonus. Although at times I kept calling the book Deadly Addiction, Deadly Additive gave it a clear connection with the underlying conflict of the story. And yes, the book is addictive. I really like Jeb.

To me, this is a pretty good novel to read without getting into too much political descriptions. And even the faith thread was handled in a way that came out naturally.

Definitely a recommended read. And if you have a young reader who longs for a good action, beat-the-bad-guys-up book, then Donn Taylor is the way to go.


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