Angela Elwell Hunt's THE SLEEPING ROSE

The Sleeping Rose by Angela Elwell Hunt 

(This blog was written December 23, 2011)
Have you ever loved something so much that it became more important than anything else in your life?

This unique tale of a beautiful white rose that is requested by the King and Queen prove that sometimes the most beautiful thing can be found in the most surprising place.

Baldrik spends his entire time caring for the most perfect rose plant during winter. Its one and only bloom opens on the first day of May. So famous is the rose, that the King and Queen invites Baldrik to their castle. Soon Baldrik's hobby becomes an obsession since his dream has always been to be a master gardener for the royal gardens.

Through his concern for the rose his pride rises and he forgets about his compassion for those around him. Then the unthinkable happens, and the rose refuses to bloom, but it is the love and thankfulness of a beggar that shows Baldrik that the most important thing in life is love and compassion for others.

This is just a short, little story, but it wallops an impact on the heart. The art is astounding in its detail. I pulled this book off the shelf, having forgotten that I owned it. I curled up on my bed and read it, enjoyed the artwork, and pondered the story and the meaning behind the words. Especially during this Christmas season.

"You have chosen the right thing," the stranger said, a smile lighting his eyes. "People matter more than praise. Know this, Baldrik Macklin--anytime you offer help to a needy soul, you have offered it to me."

With great and gentle dignity the man turned and walked away. As the crowd buzzed with the sound of people exclaiming over the beauty of the radiant rose, Baldrik marveled over the stranger's parting words...and the tender touch of the man's nail-scarred hands.
~~ The Sleeping Rose by Angela Elwell Hunt published 1998 by Tommy Nelson, division of Thomas Nelson, Inc.

This is one more book that will forever sit on my shelf....


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