The Wonder of Your Love by Beth Wiseman

by Beth Wiseman
published by Thomas Nelson 2011
(this blog was written on January 27, 2012)

I picked this book to read to do research on the top ten sellers in Christian fiction. What made them the books that people went to over and over? What formula was used?

Imagine my surprise as I started reading, I became engrossed by the story. Even though I started reading it quite a few days ago when time permitted, I finally sat down and finished the last 200+ pages of the story. I did not want to put this down.

Romance is not my typical genre. The Wonder of Your Love is the first Amish romance I have ever read.

Stereotypical Amish romances, from reviews and perusing of some books, are usually cookie-cutter type books of fluffy happiness and goody-two shoes characters. Not this book.

Each character had flaws. Secondary characters strengthen the story and foreshadowed upcoming titles. The juxtaposition of the characters Katie Ann and Martha offer a true picture of friends from different worlds/ways of life, which is the beauty of Christ.

Some may be surprise that the characters are middle-aged, which I really hate that word and the stereotypes that come with it, but why be surprised? Even older people like a lot of the same things that younger people do. Even older people long for the same things that younger people do. And as someone in her late thirties, older people can be just as rebellious. A little of this is seen in Beth Wiseman's book and it deepens the personalities of her characters.

Truly this is a book I will always keep and I highly recommend it.

A passage from the book stands out from all others: To hear Him, To know Him, and to understand the wonder of His love--one must trust Him completely.

This story gives hope to those of us who wonder...


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