Neal Lozano's Unbound

Neal Lozano's Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance from Evil Spirits

Recommended by Christian musician friend, Lance Edward of Angel Dean (hear a sample of his song in this book trailer:Mississippi Nights or as part of The Psalms Project: Psalms 1), this book will take you beyond a simple walk with Jesus and into a deeper relationship. Letting go of the past isn't as simple as some may think. The devil will still try to hold those bonds of servitude against you.

As you read, little by little, taking notes along the way, you will experience how to let go of the pain, of the shame, of the anger, etc. and how to keep it away forever. Many people may not want to talk about Hell and Satan; choosing, instead, to ignore that part of spirituality. If a person believes in the Almighty God and Jesus, then Satan is just as real and he doesn't want to lose a soul. A spiritual battle is waged every day, every hour. This book helps the reader in fighting this war, because in the end victory is determined by whom has that person's soul: Jesus or Satan?

Unbound will help you open doors that need to opened and to shut and nail the doors that need to be closed--paving the way to spiritual freedom.

This isn't a book to read in a day or even in five. Sit, read a little, and marinate in the words.

Truly, this book will change not only your life, but will change and strengthen your spiritual relationship with God, making it more intimate, and lift your heart.

Highly recommended for those who would like to sever the bonds of the past, rejection, abuse, fear, etc.


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