If I'm Found by Terri Blackstock

(Zondervan 2017)

If you haven't read If I Run, that's okay, but you would lose a little bit of the story and some parts of this book wouldn't make sense.  I like books that run in a trilogy where book two picks up where book one left off, and book three picks up immediately after two. (Waiting patiently for book three).

Terri Blackstock delivers another wonderful story that kept me reading into the early morning hours and turning the pages to see what would happen. With If I'm Found, the small story plot that Casey finds herself involved in isn't as intimate as the previous book. She is more of that outside observer who makes a difference through secondary resources.

Again, I am enjoying a character who is feminine and yet not helpless. Casey Cox is portrayed as a strong Southern woman who doesn't cower before an adversary. I can't help but feel my heart speed up with every close call.

Dylan is a man I'm beginning to admire greatly. His own shortcomings make me more human and real to me. He isn't this chiseled, perfect specimen swooping in to save the damsel. He's a man of God determined to bring justice to the wrongs committed.

Terri Blackstock also portrays the mind of a soulless man well without giving in to compromise and using vulgar or coarse language. This heightens the tension of the story and gives it an elevation that made me read faster and spurred me on this suspenseful journey.

If I'm Found superseded If I Run. And I'm extremely excited, but still willing to be patient, to read the next installment and see how the story will conclude. As always, another great book by a truly wonderful author. 

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