How Sweet It Is by Alice J. Wisler

(Bethany House 2009)

This may be an older book, and it think it was a book published before its time. The dialogue and present tense of the character was refreshing and authentic.

Alice Wisler was able to portray that back and forth emotional state of someone who is sad and brokenhearted. A plus to her character was how she was able to insert an unique and beautiful personality into the story. Deena's emotions, thoughts, and behaviour was truly an accurate portrayal of many people who are like Deena. The slightly sarcastic humour, the truthfulness about jealous, unforgiveness, and self-deprecation are many things that many people read. 

How many times do we pause in a chore or such because a memory is brought forth? Alice Wisler uses this to her advantage for Deena and the reader is able to learn more about what happened in the past. A very good utilization of that skill.

The romance isn't the main story. Deena is attracted to Zack, but she doesn't pursue Zack. And because we are reading first person, the reader will discover things along with Deena. This is an intimate journey into healing and finding love, which isn't always in the place you expect.

The faith element is subtle and completely natural in the narrative. It wasn't preachy, nor in-your-face, but a gentle wave that flows throughout Deena's life as we read.

This is the first book I read by Alice Wisler and it quickly became an ultimate favorite. The writing style was magnificent and this is a definitely recommended read.

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