The Lost Heiress by Roseanna M White

The Lost Heiress
Roseanna M. White
(Bethany House 2015)

It's not often that a historical novel can pull me in so completely and unyielding. Between layers and layers of storytelling Roseanna M. White has achieved a praiseworthy and wonderfully intricate novel.

From the golden glamour of Monaco to the gilded halls of England, the reader follows the tale of not only Brook and Justin, but Deidre as well. As I delved into The Lost Heiress thoughts of Gosford Park and Downton Abbey came to mind, even parts of the Forsyte Saga with hints of Pride and Prejudice. To top it off, mystery surrounds them and a curse that is attached to the Fire Eyes, rare red diamonds, follows them.

With the time period introduced, I can almost imagine where the next story in the tale of the Ladies of the Manor (and the Fire Eyes) will lead. I look forward to discovering if my suspicions are correct!

A word of warning to the readers: this is not a light-hearted, fluff of a novel. It is well researched, remarkable in symbolism, faith, and motifs. Each scene sets the pace for the next, the conclusion pans out as it should without a hurried hand, but most importantly it entertains as a good novel should.

To me, Roseanna M. White is the Modern Era Bronte.


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