The Post Card by Laura V. Hilton

the Post Card
Laura V. Hilton
(Whitaker House 2015)

It's not often that a book will surprise me.

I usually will not read any book Amish, but I took a risk on this one. And I am so grateful and blessed that I did. It was wonderful (wunderbaar). This isn't a typical Amish romance or even a typical Amish story. Characters dared to do things against Old Amish Order.

Laura V. Hilton broke away from the norm. The Postcard brings to the heart life, love, faith, forgiveness, and about all following God's direction, no matter the cost.

Characters would irritate me, make me want to smack them across the head. Others I would cheer on or my heart would break for them. And still another I would silently plead that forgiveness would come and attitudes would change. Of course there is foreshadowing for a future story (at least I hope). The writing was concise and flowed so well that I actually forgot that I was reading a book.

The Postcard surpasses anything written by Beth Wiseman and others. This is an excellent read. Although some might think of the spattering of German language throughout the book as a distraction, I found it to be a tool that drew me deeper and deeper into the story.

There was one prevalent theme throughout and I think it applies to everyone in every walk of life: God cannot be put into a box, ain't so?

Laura V. Hilton is an author that I will readily put on my shelf and I look forward to grabbing more of her books.

**I received this book free of charge through courtesy of Whitaker House in exchange for an honest review**


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Josh's story is releasing in October - The Birdhouse - and Sam's story is releasing in April, The Amish Firefighter.


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