Space Drifters by Paul Regnier

Paul Regnier
(Enclave Publishing 2015)

It's more than a science fiction story. It's more than a space rambling. It's both of those combined and thrown into a spiraling universe of misfortunes, a maybe romance, miscalculations, and sheer luck, or maybe fate, that carries the reader along on one heck of a space adventure complete with the occasional comedy.

Glint Starcrost is the captain of an alien first mate, a teenage time traveler, and a royal bloodline bounty hunter. He's forced to deal not only with his own personal issues involving the almost highjacking of his ship by a lovely beauty that muddles his thoughts, but a testy and jealous ship computer, plus a first mate that refuses to fight, an out of his element teen,  and his own desires between treasures and survival.

He hides his true character behind a false bravado of quick wit and outlandish maneuvers. When his "dreams can come true, literally" first mate encounters the Holy Bible, it sets off a whirlwind of events that never stop. Soon he will question his desires and wishes as he searches for the Emerald Enigma that will grant every wish.

This is a fast paced novel that will leave you breathless and sometimes chuckling. Glint is a mixture of Starlord (in bravado and character), Han Solo (especially with his princess quips), Arthur Dent (from the misfortunes that he didn't ask for), and a little of Captain Kirk (with his quick thinking), and yet this character is all his own. Blix, his faithful friend, epitomizes the calm, unruffled, and sometimes aggressive first officer: think Groot/Chewbacca/Ford/Spock rolled into a man with lizard characteristics. Jasette is more than royalty. She's smart, fast, vicious, and quite loyal after a fashion. Nelvan is the catalyst that starts the space adventure moving forward. 

The symbolic undertone brings to the reader the biblical teaching about greed and wants, of love and sacrifice, and in what/who to place one's hope. 

Although the book ended on a cliffhanger, I look forward to see how Glint and crew escape this next bout of the Enigma's charm/curse.  And I can say, even with his red plaid "jammy" pants, Glint Starcrost is a swoon worthy hero in my book.


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