The Dog Who Was There by Ron Marasco

Ron Masaco
(Thomas Nelson 2017)

For anyone who love pets, we know that these creatures can be the most innocent of all. They love unconditionally and trust without measure. Pets can be like little children. 

In this book it begins with Barley, the little pup that was ripped from his mother but saved by a loving couple. Through heartache and despair, Barley is thrust onto an ever moving path.

Told in the fashion of Milo & Otis and The Jungle Book, the reader is both the dog and the people around him. We can see in detail and feel with such passion the loneliness, fear, hope, and love.

The story is written in a simple way, and yet it speaks volumes. Such simplicity brought about the strongest of emotions, especially as we witness the last days of Christ before His crucifixion. 

The Dog Who Was There could become a timelessly story that would span the ages of all readers. From young to old, this book has a lesson for all and shows the wonderful and awesome power of love.

Definitely a keeper and one that I think most everyone would enjoy. 

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***received a copy of this book through BookLook Bloggers via Thomas Nelson*** 


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