The Coming Apostasy by M. Hitchcock, J. Kinley

Mark Hitchcock & Jeff Kinley
(Tyndale House 2017)  

 Many nonfiction books are just a regurgitation of older books or older ideas with a new, "progressive" face on it. Not so with this one.

I found this book to have so many truths and illuminating facts that I bookmarked the pages with whatever pieces of paper were nearby as I read. With each chapter I was loathe to put this book down. And I felt the desire, the need to share what I learned from that chapter with anyone and everyone.

I never understood the saying about the "fifth column", but after reading the chapter titled the same, the reasoning behind this was made much clearer. Apostasy will come from within, cloaked.

The authors share in each chapter how we have become a "culture of compromise" and  when "tolerance is intolerable". Only ten chapters, but each chapter is detailed, informative, and captivating.

If the reader ever wonders what an apostate is or how to identify one, this book breaks it down easily. And these authors didn't rely on only just one translation of the Bible. They use at least five to make their points, and instead of stating what that particular Scripture reads, they invite the reader to find out for themselves, too.

It's a compelling read that is most remarkable in its ability to lay out the cold, hard truths in a most humble way. And read alongside the Bible, The Coming Apostasy is a good study guide to have handy. I found myself with a greater understanding of some portions of the Bible by reading what the book says and then following it with the Scripture quoted.

And as the book mentions, we are to still fight the good fight because our "orders remain unchanged". Buy this book. Read it and then read it again.  

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