Clay A. Kahler's The Fallen

I am normally hesitant about self published books, especially those produced through CreateSpace. Usually because very few writers who use CreateSpace spend the time to edit or polish their manuscripts. Not so with Clay A. Kahler.

The story holds the suspense and edge of the seat reading as watching the movie Silent Hill. The narrative of the story is reminiscent of the down to earth, nostalgic style that one would find while watching Secondhand Lions and The Sandlot. Author Clay A. Kahler has a style that ranks along side with Stephen King and Thomas Harris.

The Fallen is a short read, but it packs a powerful punch. Even with a few minor errors within the book, the overall plot and passionate storyline quickly takes over the reader. From heartache to hope, from anger to praise, Clay Kahler wrote a really wonderful story.

My favorite line, taken from Scripture, and one that brought me to tears when I read it and realized the full effect of what I had read: "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends". Of course, I have always read it from the King James and New King James where it said "lay down one's life for his brother". Either way, it still holds the same effect on me.

The impact this book leaves on the reader is one that is so profound, so passionate, and so pulsing with truth, that you cannot view the world the same.

I highly recommend The Fallen. And I am glad that I was directed to this wonderful story.


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