Of Moose and Men by Torry Martin/Doug Peterson

Of Moose and Men
Torry Martin and Doug Peterson
(Harvest House 2016)

I didn't know anything about this author. It was the cover and title that captured my attention. And boy, am I glad I received the chance to read this book.

With a lighthearted and self-depreciating humor, I found myself giggling and most times laughing out loud--loud enough to wake my sleeping cat that hogged my side of the bed. Between the humor and words of wisdom, each chapter contained a story that was more relevant to a Christian in any walk of life no matter if we're from Alaska or not. I could visualize each scene and at times predict what would happen. And that made it an even merrier read.

This book doesn't give black-n-white stories. It is chocked full of tie-dyed testimonies. Poignant reminders of Biblical truths that a reader is sure to highlight brings to light a refreshing and real look at life. God doesn't want perfect people. He wants us. And Torry Martin reiterates that time and time again.

From crouching sin to the blindness to of the 21st century people to neon orange facial hair, these truths are spoken about in a heartwarming and delightful manner.

I came away with quite a few quotes that spoke to me and I copied them down. I discovered new ways to look at things and people. And I felt a kinship with the author--for many reasons.

I also learned more about how life intersects with another--from Air1 to Adventures in Odyssey, but I'll leave that for you to discover. And you'll enjoy discovering it, too.

If I learned anything else from this book is that at times I'm a salmon ghost fish, I relate to the hippies, the misfits, and the weirdoes, and I suffer from "comparative worthistis", too. But it's all okay because God molded me. I, just like you, am His peculiar treasure. 

I'm sure Of Moose and Men: Lost and Found in Alaska would delight all readers.  

***I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and complete review*** 


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