God's Lineup by Kevin and Elizabeth Morrisey

Kevin and Elizabeth Morrisey
(Ambassador International 2012)  

Any major league sport will have a devoted fan base and even the players themselves will view their chosen sport as the most important thing in life.

In God's Lineup, we are exposed to the raw faith of 26 Christian players who are either retired or actively playing.

As in many areas of life, Christians can be ridiculed and baseball is no exception; although MLB does have what is called Baseball Chapel. We are shown through a few testimonies how this ministry became a pivotal point in many players' lives.

The testimonies contained in this book doesn't lessen the masculinity of the men, but instead it fortifies the uniqueness of each and how they yearn to spread the Gospel.

Like the Topps, Fleer, and Upper Deck baseball cards, each chapter has a take on the player highlights, but geared toward their faith: born, favorite verses, saved, positions, team, school, drafted, debut, seasons, teams, etc. At the bottom is the baseball stats. This added dimension gives the book a stronger authenticity to baseball.

I feel as though readers will find this book as an uplifting alternative to a biography or devotional. For baseball fanatics, it would be a much recommended gift.

Successful career or unsuccessful career, retired or active, this book shows, as Stephen Drew said: "We're here for a reason, and that's to glorify His name."

Ben Zobrist sums it completely: "I owe everything in my life to Christ because I would have nothing without Him."

This uplifting book is one that is hard to put down and one to keep always--a great book of testimonies. 

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    1. The book was highly interesting. It showed an intimate look at the players' faith, on and off the field.


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