The Divide by Jolina Petersheim

The Divide (The Alliance #2)
Jolina Petersheim 
(Tyndale 2017)

This is one of those rare times where I really enjoyed the book and where the pros barely overrode the cons.

I'll start with the cons in this second installment of The Alliance story. The insertion of Sal's POV seemed more of a storyline crutch than any added value. Sure it helped knowing the "other side" of what was happening, but it could have been approached differently in my opinion. The four/five times that the POV was used compared to the alternating POVs of Moses and Lenora was jarring and inconsistent.

The first two thirds of the books seemed draggy, and took a while for things to happen. It did become a chore to read at first. And the last negative point about this book would be the abrupt transition from one scene to another. The first book handled it smoothly, but in The Divide, no matter whose POV, the scene breaks jarred me a little out of the story until I could visualize what was happening to be able to immerse myself into the book again.

As for the positive elements, there are many. The faith element, while strong, was never overpowering. It developed naturally. The doubts, fears, hope, and triumphs gave an eerily authentic feel to the story. Each chapter led me down a path of the story that was captivating and I hungered for the next chapter to see what happened. The last third of the book the pace really picked up. There was one instance where it seemed convenient, but as I looked back, the clues were there, hidden in the dialogue exchange between Moses and Josh.

The story isn't about the EMP, or what happens to society afterwards. It is an intimate look at two lives, from two separate lifestyles, but with the same faith. What do they decided to do? What stand do they make?

This is a solid and satisfying ending to the story of Moses and Lenora. There were no sudden happily ever afters for everyone. There were no convenient endings or solutions. What this book offered was a realistic, enjoyable, and thought provoking story that can be read again and again. And each time, I am sure there will be something new to take away from the reading.  

***I was provided a copy of this book from Tyndale House in exchange of an honest review***
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