Darlington Woods by Mike Dellosso

Darlington Woods by Mike Dellosso
(Realms 2010)

"Something evil is drawing them here..."

One small statement to draw me into a fantastical story about Rob and Juli.

I've read The Hunted and Scream by Mike Dellosso; and I was not disappointed in Darlington Woods. In fact, Darlington Woods seem by far the best I've read of Mr. Dellosso's books.

His story of Rob searching for his lost son and meeting more than he imagined contained the suspenseful page turning storyline of Stephen King. The combination of supernatural and natural captured the thriller essence of Dean Koontz. The imagery and faith aspect of the book is pure Mike Dellosso.

He blends symbolism, faith, and the darkness of humanity into a masterfully written tale that surpasses Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti. Bringing to life the horror of evilness and its determination to bind all of humanity plus the simple acceptance of faith and grace and its love for all humanity leaves the reader with a spiritual message that lasts long after the book is shelved.

A simple story with depth of character and symbolism, Mike Dellosso has written an amazing book about the power of God.

Want a good huddle-in-your-chair-thriller? Read Darlington Woods and remember...let your light shine!


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