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Declutter Now! Uncovering the Hidden Joy and Freedom in Your Life by Lindon and Sherry Gareis

This isn't just a book about Decluttering your house and home, oh, no. This is a book that goes way beyond that. Declutter Now! starts off small, hitting the physical, and then it takes you into the spiritual and emotional side of the psyche. Taken in small steps, Declutter Now! offers insights into the authors' lives, giving examples and testimonies. This isn't just a self-help book. This is a "we'll help you" book.

Lindon and Sherry Gareis not only takes the reader step by step through the decluttering process of the home and life, but shows how and what is the most important in life...and it isn't possessions and material goods. The accumulation of things and bad habits and loss of focus drowns most people in this world, tying them down. With Declutter Now! the reader learns how to do without the extra load and how to free oneself from that worldly hold.

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Your 1st book, Declutter Now!--tell us a little about it.

L&S~ Most of us have clutter in one area of our lives or another. Some of us have it in MANY areas! Declutter Now! Uncovering the Hidden Joy & Freedom in Your Life helps you clean out the clutter in your homes, relationships, finances, careers, with your kids, physical and mental health and even in your spiritual life! Less is More! Less clutter means more time, energy, freedom, money and joy with which to serve God!

How did the idea and/or inspiration of writing this book come about?

L&S~ It was born from our desire to serve God. We were discussing what we needed to do in order to be more available for God when and where he wanted us and the answer was to declutter all that was holding us back!

Your book has a strong faith element. How natural was this to write about?

L&S~ Very natural because the entire reason behind writing the book was based on our faith walk and desire to grow our relationship with Christ.

What do you hope readers take away from this book?

L&S~ We pray that each and every person will feel encouraged and motivated to address the things that are holding them back from enjoying all that God has in store for them. "A great idea will remain only that, just a great idea, unless you put action behind it." It's all about the ACTION!

Which of the characters in the Bible is most like you and why?

Lindon ~ Micah because he saw all the issues around him and stood up for the poor and needy despite the corruption of the government in his day. He spoke out against wrongdoing and I would like to think I take that same stand! Micah also called men to walk humbly before God and this is something I strive to do daily.

Who is your favorite Biblical character?

Sherry ~ This is a tough one because there are so many! My first thought would be David because he is a classic example of someone who messed up over and over again but still found favor with God because of his deep faith and love for Him. I have to add that Job is a very close second!

What’s your favorite and least favorite part about being a writer?

L&S~ Our favorite part about writing is having the ability and platform to share our passion, and the least favorite part is not being able to write full time!

What advice would you have for writers hoping to follow in your footsteps?

L&S~ Persevere. If you believe God is calling you to write and share, then declutter all the unnecessary and unhealthy from your life so you can focus on what is truly important.

Other than writing, what else occupies your time?

L&S~ We love to hike, boat, garden, BBQ and spend time with our grand babies!

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