Monday, May 12, 2014

Beloved by Robin Lee Hatcher

Beloved by Robin Lee Hatcher
(Zondervan 2013)
A flip-flop story that left me hungrily turning the next page to devour the words.
Diana Brennan was an orphan. She became seperated from her siblings as a family from the west chose to adopt her. At 17, she fell for Tyson Applegate. Before long, Tyson sets off for adventures around the world. Diana, left behind, waits for his return as her heart starts to grow cold.
Years later, believing Tyson died on the battlefield in Cuba, although his body was never found. Diana is set to have her husband legally declared dead and remarry.
Tyson puts a dampner on her plans when he appears at her engagement dinner and now she's made a deal: be the token wife of a political candidate in exchange for a divorce.
But best laid plans...
Twists and turns were peppered throughout the book. Two forceful personalities are on the battlefield.
Robin Lee Hatcher uses her words in a plain spoken fashion and tells of not just a romance but also a battle of wills and a battle of faith. She has an unique style that entranced me and encouraged me to pursue her other books.
Wonderful read, wonderful storyline, wonderful day spen ignoring all of my chores.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Allison Pittman's All for a Song

All for a Song by Allison Pittman
(Tyndale 2013)
It's not often that I find a book set in the early 1900's, especially the 1920's, that captures my attention.

Unless it's a classical writer from that time, I am given to be a more harsh reader. What is so special that you bring me into your story and keep me there? Does it contain historical facts, keep with the time, politics, and culture of that era? So many I have put aside; but not Allison Pittman's All for a Song.
It rocked me!
Her character Dorothy Lynn set everything to the side to follow her heart and her dream. Two worlds are front and center in this story: the country, rural, simple life tangoing with the glam, bustling, city life. Women were pushing their preconceived boundaries. Men were breaking away from the norm of society.
One thing this book brought to me was the new knowledge of Aimee Semple McPherson. I've found myself researching and learning more about the real life woman who anchored this novel in the 1920's.
There may not have been twists and turns in the story, but following the few short months before her wedding as Dorothy followed her dream was a fall into the tides of history.
This is one story that is a must read. So enjoyable and so heart endearing, Allison Pittman may soon be an author who will always grace my book shelves.