Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ben-Hur:A Tale of the Christ by Carol Wallace

A Tale of the Christ
Carol Wallace
(Tyndale 2016) 

Lew Wallace, the great-great grandfather to Carol Wallace, wrote the original work, Ben-Hur; which was made into a movie starring Charleston Heston. It has become an iconic film.

Now Carol Wallace has taken this book and updated not only the style of writing but also the dialogue. From a literary prose to modern syntax, Ben-Hur can now be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. 

There were times I wished for a more detailed narrative and more in-depth character development. I felt distant from the characters most of the time and the writing was basic and below the level I usually read. But this was a great novel and I can see the benefit in rewriting the story so that it can reach many people.

Over the course of the years, Ben-Hur faced betrayal, adversaries, and pride. The book centers on him and his friend Messala, but the supporting characters add a richness to the novel. This book gives the reader an insight to a world now lost in time and history.

This will make a great book for a teenager's reading list. It will make a great book for the person who does not like to read the classic prose. 

I recommend Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ for anyone who would like to read a solid biblical tale told through a different viewpoint. 

***I was provided this novel by Tyndale in exchange for an honest and complete review*** 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The 5 Love Languages of Teenager by Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers:
The Secret to Loving Teens Effectively
Gary Chapman
(Northfield Publishing 2016) 
Although I found this book not informative to me, I can see the benefit that it will offer others who have teenagers.
This book is based on today's average teenager. Mind you, not all teens behave the same or behave like many others, but for those who have teens that are heavily influenced by the world and today's standards, each chapter of this book will help in understanding how to communicate with your teen.

With the 5 love language: words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, acts of service, and gifts, a parent is sure to find one or a combination that would fit his/her teenager.

Gary Chapman also explains how to discover this love language and understanding your teenager's anger.

A latter chapter deals with single and blended families; although I was disappointed that it didn't deal with single parenting as a widow or widower.

Independence and responsibility is discussed as well as how to love your teen when he/she fails.

I can see this book helping a great many of families.

***I was provided this book through Moody Publishers in exchange of an honest and complete review***

NKJV: Teen Study Bible

NKJV: Teen Study Bible
(Zondervan 2016)

I found this study bible to be informative with its maps, Q&A sections, and the many inserts throughout.

There are a host of features that will help and strengthen a teen's study of God's word:

We Believe: this feature is found periodically throughout and helps the teenager remember what Christians around the world agree on and equips them to handle many questions that are asked of them.
Panorama: this insert offers the main theme of each book of the bible.
To the Point: this shows where answers to every day issues can be found and explains the Scripture behind it.
Dear Jordan: this is maybe my second favorite feature. In a Dear Abby style, this section gives biblical advice through biblical teachings.
Instant Access: This is my favorite. It provides direct and honest answers about what God has to say to almost every situation or problem you could think of.
Bible Promises: These highlights, centered so you spot them easily, are the pick-me-ups you need.
Book Introductions: These overviews help the teen gain a quick understanding of the book in the form of headlines and "news ticker".
Q&A: If you love trivia, this will test your knowledge.

I look forward to presenting this present to my son, knowing it will help in his spiritual development and help him grow closer to Christ.

To me, this is the perfect teen study bible.

***I received this through BookLooker Bloggers of Thomas Nelson/Zondervan in exchange of a complete and honest review***