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Even though this blog is devoted to book reviews, I am taking this time to highlight certain songs and the corresponding videos that I have listened to while reading (or writing). Each of these songs have a message that have spoken to me on multiple levels. As you listen to them, take a moment and think about the story the song is telling. These are books in musical form. To make this more fun, comment and tell me your favorite song (or music video) and what genre you love to read for a chance to win a free book. Remember to leave your email so that I can message you if you win.

Enjoy these songs!

1: Lauren Daigle - Come Alive (Dry Bones)

2: The Afters - Live on Forever

3: Unspoken - Open the Clouds

4: Ryan Stevenson - Eye of the Storm

5: Skillet - Stars

6: Switchfoot - Live It Well

7: Need to Breathe - Happiness

8: Hawk Nelson - Diamonds

9: Capital Kings - Believer

10: For King & Country - Shoulders

Hope you  enjoyed the list of songs that I found inspirational.


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