The High Calling of Motherhood by Chimene Shipley Dupler

Chimene is the the Founder and President/CEO of Passion4Moms, a non-profit ministry that is dedicated to bless, encourage, and inspire mothers.  Chimene’s passion for the family and seeing mother’s succeed in their role as a wife and mother, led Chimene to begin this ministry in 2011. Passion4Moms offers yearly conferences bringing in a variety of professional speakers covering the mom as a whole person providing continuing education for marriage, parenting, spiritual growth, health/nutrition, fashion/decor, offering practical tools for success. Chimene also frequently teaches a six-week marriage course at their church. In addition to teaching marriage classes and speaking engagements, Chimene works 1 on 1 with women in a coaching role providing tools for success in their marriages, parenting, and other relationships as well as life skills for women.

 She is the author of the nonfiction book titled The High Calling of Motherhood which is published by Ambassador International.

~Does motherhood matter?

Have we lost our sense of identity, especially through social media, which can pour both accolades and acid into our hearts and minds? Does our role as a mother have any lasting purpose? What about the hard stuff? Do we self-medicate more than we self-motivate to fight for our families? If we don’t have a sense of purpose, how will our children?
In The High Calling of Motherhood, Chimene will challenge and inspire you. Motherhood can change the trajectory of a generation as we discover the authority that God has given mothers. Chimene desires to see mothers experience the joy that comes in the value and worth that God places on motherhood.
~ [from the back of the book]

Below is my review of the book and where you can connect with Chimene Shipley Dupler. 

As I'm writing this review, I am still reading the book. This isn't a "sit down and read at once" style of book, but an insightful piece that is meant to be savored piece by piece. It's chocolate in word-form.

Chimene Shipley Dupler wrote a compelling book about the importance and honor of being a mother. Throughout the book she stresses the battle we wage against culture and a society that sees motherhood as demeaning or less important. We are encouraged, enlightened, and strengthen by her words to see that we are important. We are the "bricklayers" in our children's lives.

The High Calling of Motherhood is such an in-depth, honest, and profound book that will speak to a host of women.

Many passages spoke to me, such as these:
  • "Motherhood is an honor. It is a responsibility. It is a gift. Motherhood is a high calling from God."

How many times do we feel as though we are "just a mom"?

  • "Fear breeds insecurity. Insecurity breeds comparison. Comparison takes our eyes off Jesus."

Too many times we find ourselves comparing our lives as mothers to what others post on social media, failing to realize that social media only shows "the good, the fun, the highlights" and not reality.

This passage really spoke to me:
  • "When we understand who we are in Christ, this revolutionizes our identity and role as mothers. We begin to parent with an eternal perspective. We begin to stay focused on our goal for parenting. We develop a game plan for success. We understand who we are, which frees us from the bondage of fear and comparison to our fellow mothers."

How powerful is that statement? How freeing is that statement? How wonderful is that statement?

In The High Calling of Motherhood, so many truths are made evident. We are raising royalty. We belong to the One True King and as such, our children are royalty. It is our blessing and duty to raise them to serve their King.

I encourage everyone to take a chance and read Chimene Shipley Dupler's The High Calling of Motherhood. It's a true gift to every mom.

 Below is a list of place where readers can connect with the author. And click on the book's title anywhere in this post to pre-order the book.

Chimene Shipley Dupler:

The High Calling of Motherhood releases early May 2017 in paperback at all major retailers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also purchase The High Calling of Motherhood through Ambassador International’s online store

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