Hearts of Fire by The Voice of the Martyrs

The Voice of the Martyrs
( The VOM Books 2015)

God will call anyone He chooses and these women prove that sometimes one must step up, be strong, and stand firm for Christ.
I shared this book on Facebook, urging others to read it. Here's my post: 
Voice of the Martyrs: this book is something I encourage everyone to read it. It will open your eyes about those who suffer for Christ. It will open your eyes to other religions who persecuted Christians (Islam, Hindu, Buddhism and various other tribal beliefs). It will rewrite your heart and soul and show you the true meaning of following Christ.
Even though these testimonies will span the decades, you will see similarities to today's culture and society as it were decades ago.
Instead of spending your money on a cola and junk food or even that lazy day when you purchase fast food; put off buying that shirt or shoes; take a small portion (only $12) out of your vacation fund; make a sacrifice and buy this book.
Don't be afraid to have your heart rewritten by God. This is one book that will give you hope and faith.

What more can I say than that? Sure I could break this down, talk about excerpts that stood out in my mind, and other virtues, but it would never be enough. What I posted on Facebook say it all: it will rewrite your heart and strengthen your hope and faith.

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