Blink by S.A. Jewell

S.A. Jewell
(Ambassador International 2017)

Many cons and pros to this book. I'm going to start with the cons.

I did find some political leanings in the book; they were slight and only eyebrow arching worthy.

I will have to say that the beginning was strong. Although the point of view was old school (omniscient), and at times I forgot which character the scene was devoted to; because of it the point of view became jumbled. If the author had stuck with one way, either single point of view per scene or constant omniscient, the scenes would have flowed better.

Another thing was the constant history info dump. Almost two pages (Kindle-wise) devoted to a history lesson on the EU (European Union). Another on a man's resume and why he had that particular job and why he was able to get that job. There were more, but these two really stuck in my head. To me, it was an extremely low blow to a reader's intelligence. In my opinion, and in the professional opinion, it should have been worked into the story somehow through dialogue--even if by using the "dumb puppet" method. This was a constant throughout the book.

Blink read like a condensed story of the Jenkins/LaHaye series. The descriptions of the atrocities were glossed over; there were no emotional depth to the characters; the antichrist (Super Dux seemed a silly name) seemed more pompous than evil.

Instead of telling the events in a rushed format, I would have preferred that the author had shown the horror and terror these people were feeling.

While I may think this was not a good adult book, it is an excellent Young Adult/New Adult novel.

The format and structure is on the level of a young adult. The long history soundbytes wouldn't come off as irritating or an affront to the reader. I think it would be highly enjoyed by young adult readers. They would not need detailed scenes of what would/could happen.

For anyone who prefers books that are low on horrific details and light on emotional impact, but still be able to convey truth and hope, then Blink would be a recommended read.

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